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Where’s the laundry room?

Posted on Monday December 3, 2012
There are some fundamentals to take into account when siting a laundry room or when considering a home to buy. Read more »

Thinking architecture? Think architect

Posted on Tuesday July 3, 2012
Thinking of building or renovating a home, think about hiring an architect first. Read more »

Complexities of condo buying: know your rights

Posted on Tuesday July 3, 2012
Condo owners should learn what their rights are even before making purchases of units. Read more »

Buying a hot tub just the first step

Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2012
Hot tubs remain popular even though a growing number of people loathe the huge things that take up so much room on decks and in spa rooms across the nation. One thing probably every hot tub fan hates is installing a hot tub. Read more »

tool up with innovations

Posted on Sunday June 17, 2012
Tools – what man and a lot of handywomen could resist an addition to the toolbox, especially when it’s an innovative piece of reno hardware? Read more »

Lighting plan is essential

Posted on Friday June 15, 2012
Lighting is essential to good interior design but it is often overlooked by householders who do their own decorating. Read more »

Outfit your deck for year-round living

Posted on Friday June 15, 2012
As most of us know these days, from scanning a few magazines, outdoor furniture looks as good as, or even better than, the stuff we have indoors. As many of us are finding out, it has become affordable too. Read more »

What's a cottage worth to you?

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2012
How much would you sacrifice to own a cottage? Some surveys have asked this question and the answers are fascinating. Read more »